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Lojong 6. Wees buiten de meditatie een kind van illusies

IIa. Denk met je hart:
reflecteer op de aard van het zelf


in postmeditation, be a child of illusion.

Acknowledging this common and understandable attitude, this slogan encourages us to be childlike, to believe in illusion anyway. This does not mean that we should ignore the other, more difficult, side of life and of humanity, pretend it doesnā€™t exist. Only that we shouldnā€™t let that side completely colonize our minds and hearts. Why not let the innocence thatā€™s also there have its place? And whoā€™s to say that the world of illusion, the world of the child, is less real than the brutally realistic world of the adult? Do we believe that, that children are foolish? That the world they live in is an illusion? Of course not.

A childā€™s world is real, as real as any other. Children cheer us up. Life can be gruesome, many very tough things can be going on, but when you see a child, if you can suspend for a moment your grim preoccupation and take in the childā€™s reality, you are instantly cheered, at least for a moment, because there is something endearing and strongly positive in a childā€™s worldā€”a world we have all inhabited and been formed by but have abandoned. Yet that world still exists in us too. Why not cultivate it, recall it, in our everyday lives?

(vrij naar Norman Fischer, Training in compassie – Zen Teachings on the Practice of Lojong en de zenlessen van Arthur Nieuwendijk, Zen.nl Amsterdam)

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